piątek, 29 maja 2009

Windsurfer in light wind

The wind was offshore, uneven and max 3B. The evening light was pleasant and strong enough to use the monstrous MF Pentacon 500/5,6. Hot air vibrations are visible on the horison. Enjoy.

wtorek, 26 maja 2009

Kite trial by furbovision

Photos above were taken last Saturday in Rewa. The wind was even at 20 km/h on average and 25 km/h max wich means 4B, the direction was W. Most of the kites stayed on the flat water while some windsurfers enjoyed the chop within the bay.

The photos presented were taken using MF Pentacon 300/4. Apart from its manual focus the lens' apreture is all manual too so the challenge was to keep the kites in focus while tracking their movement. Panning proved to be useful as the surfer stayed in about the same distance from the camera for a while.

I was not totaly satisfied with the shots and I wish I could stay longer in the evening when the wind was even stronger and the light probably better. I hope you enjoyed the photos though. Feel free to comment. See you soon on furbovision.